The Siren System is $1500/per year and is now discounted and  available for $19.95 per month. You can take advantage of this discounted rate now. This discount is provided as a part of the trial  where user share data to improve the product, collect information on health and technology, and advance knowledge in the field of diabetic foot.

The Siren System is a continuous foot temperature monitoring system that helps you know if you have injured your feet. The Siren System includes:

  1. Siren Data, real-time temperature data of your feet
  2. Siren App, where you can see your daily foot health data in real-time
  3. Siren Web Portal, where you can see your historical foot health data over time and in-depth
  4. Siren Concierge Service, where we call or text you about potential injuries
  5. Siren Diabetic Socks, which you wear to collect the temperature data from your feet, are included as part of the system.
  6. Siren Hub, to be plugged into a standard electric outlet. The Siren Hub will send alerts to your home phone or e-mail.
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